Press Release-ND Simmons Coaching Announcement

N. D. Simmons Coaching

P.O. Box 130

New York, New York 10029

Contact: Nancy D. Simmons, MSW, LMSW



      Using a five-step method, Simmons gives young businesses, entrepreneurs, and professional the structure and support to excel, New York-its well-worn truism that most new businesses do not survive.  Even more never get past the initial idea stage. Nancy D. Simmons, a creative coach who helps entrepreneurs focus their energies, sees a big influx of new business concepts around the beginning of the year. “It’s New Year’s resolution time, “she says.  “Many people pick the beginning of a new year  as the time they’ll stop dreaming and put that business idea they’ve been mulling over into practice.

  “Simmons helps to turn ideas into solid reality, getting concepts from the embryo stage to a bankable reality. For those people who start and stop over and over again, a coach can be there to support them. “The recovery time is much faster. I can help them pick up and move on to the next level, “Simmons gives steps any one can use to move new plans along at a faster, surer pace.

 1) Stay focused.   

2) Surround yourself with supportive people.   

3) Be creative.   

4) Create an action plan. Start taking actions.consistent with reaching those goals. 

5) Hire a Coach

     Simmons coaches over the phone in individual 30 minute sessions. A new technique Using on-going sessions that meet through the month has proven very successful. These consist of three half-hour sessions each month with a three month minimum to start.

     “Sometimes a client needs continuing help,” says Simmons. “This program allows me to spend more time with them, helping their development over the course of the months. I will stay with them, while they implement their action plan.”      


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